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The HOYS citizen science project works with amateur astronomers on long-term photometric monitoring of young stellar clusters to find outbursting and other interesting objects for detailed follow up as well as the study of star and planet formation processes. Watch our short INTRODUCTION VIDEO.



The project aims to observe nearby, young clusters and star forming regions visible from the northern hemisphere to study their variable young stars. The target list currently contains 9 young clusters visible in the winter, 8 targets for the summer as well as 7 additional variable objects of interest.

We rely on amateur astronomers to use their imaging skills and equipment to monitor these target areas as often as possible in all available optical filters.

IC5070 Pelican

IC5070 Pelican Nebula, HOYS target 118

We are now a Global Sky Partner of Las Cumbres Observatory.

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Lightcurve of the week 132

22 July 2021|

This week we show the light curve of one of the objects from our latest paper "A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: IV -Rotation Periods of YSOs [...]

Lightcurve of the week 131

16 July 2021|

This week we have another look at one of the background objects in one of our HOYS fields. We found this one by looking at the images of the IC1396A [...]

Lightcurve of the week 130

6 July 2021|

With the summer targets now all visible for all of the night, we have a look at a star in the IC5146 (Cocoon Nebula) field. This is also the field [...]

Lightcurve of the week 129

29 June 2021|

For this week we stay with the auxiliary data set and have a look at a periodic variable that has been mis-classified in the literature, has the wrong period, and [...]

Lightcurve of the week 128

23 June 2021|

For this weeks light curve of the week we return to the auxiliary data set and investigate the object ASASSN-V J210537.76+461530.1. Other than an entry in the ASAS-SN database, and [...]

Lightcurve of the week 127

15 June 2021|

We stay in the sigma-Ori cluster for this weeks light curve. The object we look at is known as 2MASS J05385410-0249297. The Gaia data places the star at the correct [...]

Lightcurve of the week 126

11 June 2021|

This week we look at another young star called TY Ori. It is situated in the Sigma-Ori target field of HOYS. This is a fun field as it contains a [...]

Lightcurve of the week 125

4 June 2021|

We are celebrating the 125th edition of the light curve of the week feature by looking back at an old friend - GM Cep. This is a known variable of [...]

Lightcurve of the week 124

27 May 2021|

This week we have a look at the variable young star NZ Mon. It is situated in the south of the NGC2264 star forming region. This young cluster harbours numerous [...]

Lightcurve of the week 123

19 May 2021|

This week we investigate another object in the auxiliary data. We look at the known eclipsing binary star V2772Cyg, which has a distance of about 3kpc. The period of the [...]

Lightcurve of the week 122

11 May 2021|

This week we are looking again at a southern hemisphere target. The object is known as 2MASS08294005-4146097. Not much is known about the source, but it is listed as a [...]

Lightcurve of the week 121

7 May 2021|

For this week we keep with the theme of giant stars and return to our auxiliary HOYS data set from the Cygnus Project. The phase folded light curve shown is [...]

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