HOYS Citizen Science

Target Priority Update

Welcome to a short target priority update. We have recently found that a young star in one of our target fields seems to have started a new outbursts. Thus, we would like to encourage all participants to try to observe this field if possible.
The target field in question is Gaia19fct - HOYS target number 213. The object is tricky for most of our northern observers with a declination of -10.5degrees. It also only rises just before sunrise, so probably would be the last thing you can image in the night.
As usual, please try all filters. The source is still faint - roughly I=15.5mag, and R=16.5mag but might get brighter in time. During the last burst it reached I=12.8mag, R=13.8mag, and V=14.9mag.
Of course, as usual, please image all the other target fields as well in all filters.
Thank you very much, Dirk
HOYS Citizen Science
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