HOYS Citizen Science

Welcome to 2022

A happy new year to all our participants. HOYS is now in it's 8th year and we would like to thank all the past and present active participants for their data. In total we are getting close to having 60000 images and 250 million brightness measurements. We are actively continuing to analyse the data for scientific papers and have published two papers with our data last year. More are in preparation.

It has been very nice to see that a large number of people have already started to submit new data into our database after the Christmas break. We are working to process the backlog of almost 1500 submitted images. We have several users that supply a large number of images. For these we are helping them with the processing. Due to the success of the project this has become quite time consuming at certain times of the year. Thus, if you would like to help us by processing some images from other users, please get in touch and we will coordinate this.

Thank you very much, Dirk
HOYS Citizen Science
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