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Dear Observers,

we have discovered that one of the hard drives in our raid system that stores the database has failed. That event also seems to have caused a write error into our main database table with all the photometry - which is now corrupted. Unfortunately this only came to light yesterday, while the failure seems to have happened at some point between April 1st and April 6th.
While we are investigating possible solutions, we have taken the database off-line. Our first preference is of course to repair the database table. Should we not be able to do this we will have to restore it to the last available uncorrupted backup, which unfortunately is April 1st. Should we have to do this, we do have all the submitted FITS files still available. We will re-upload those for all users, but unfortunately the processing will have to be redone. This is why we will spend some time trying to repair the database table.
In the meantime, please continue your observations for our project. We hope to be back online soon, so that your new data can be uploaded and processed.

Best Regards,
Dirk Froebrich
HOYS Citizen Science
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