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Happy Christmas

Dear All, just wanted to wish all the participants a Happy Christmas, as much as the current situation allows. We have started to set up the next observations and from January 1st we have switched to a 2-day cadence for data taking, as we have sufficient observing time available.
Regarding the Picture competition: Our original deadline of December 15th seems to have been a bit inconvenient for many people. Thus, we decided to extend the deadline by one month to January 15th (5pm UT). This should give everyone who would like to take part and win an hour of observing time for their own use, amble time during the Christmas break to look at those videos again and learn how to make colour images. Please remember that each participant is allowed two entries. So get your creative hats on and experiment with the images. Below, for info, are the original competition details again.

Picture Competition

This is a reminder of our picture competition for Christmas. So far we only had a very limited number of entries, so please have a look at the help videos to make colour composites and get stacking images to win a great prize. Note you can send in two entries.

Given the knowledge you gained by watching the two new videos and experimenting with the data, we will run a small picture competition for Christmas. All HOYS-LCO participants (i.e. everyone who has taken images with LCO for the project) are eligible to take part in this.


We are looking for the 'best' colour image of the Cocoon Nebula made from LCO observations of this target. There is of course no definition of 'best'. Please be creative. You can make a very deep picture by stacking a lot of images, focus on the entire nebula or try to bring out a particular part in vivid colours. You can use any filters and image manipulation you like. This is completely up to you.
Each participant is allowed two entries. Please email any images you wish to enter in the competition to Dirk Froebrich (in .gif, .png, or .jpg format). The deadline for entries is December 15th 2020 at 5pm (UT). I will then make the images available (without names) to the other people who are involved running HOYS and they will select the best two entries for our two prizes. I will not get a vote as I do know who send the images in. The only condition for the prizes will be that no-one can get both prizes.

The Prizes:

We do have two prizes for this competition.
The first prize is one hour of observing time with the LCO network's 1m telescopes. You can use that for anything you like to observe. No restrictions. We will be happy to help you with questions regarding the set-up.
The second prize is one hour of observing time with the LCO network's 0.4m telescopes. Again, you can use that for anything you like.
The only restriction for the observations will be that you have to use the time before the official end of the HOYS-LCO project - July 2021.
Have fun making the colour images!
Thanks for taking part,
Dirk Froebrich
HOYS Citizen Science
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