A HOYS participant perspective

2020-11-03T10:49:22+00:003 November 2020|

Six years of working with amateur astronomers – an ongoing success story By: Dirk Froebrich, PI of the HOYS Project This article was originally published in Spanish in the magazine [...]

A HOYS participant perspective

2020-10-28T12:46:25+00:0028 October 2020|

HOYS contributor, Mark Phillips, explains how he has tried to automate as much of the process of acquiring HOYS data and processing it as possible. What do you do?

A HOYS participant perspective

2020-09-17T10:24:35+01:0017 September 2020|

A Historic Day By: Tim Nelson, Hampshire Astronomical Group History was made on 14 September 2020 when Phosphine gas (indicating the possibility of life) was found in the atmosphere of [...]

A HOYS participant perspective

2020-09-08T11:06:32+01:008 September 2020|

HOYS-LCO – Target IC5146 – A Beginners Experience By: Andrew Sutkowski, Norwich Astronomical Society As a new participant in the HOYS-LCO Citizen Science project, I have been following the email [...]

HOYS-LCO Project Update

2020-08-20T17:08:25+01:0020 August 2020|

The HOYS-LCO project is progressing well. We have had now 28 applicants and as a collective they are taking images of IC5146 roughly every three days. Each set of images [...]

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