Database Offline

2023-01-27T12:43:42+00:0027 January 2023|

We have had to take the database offline to repair our server. Multiple of the disks in the raid system storing all the data (mostly the images) have started to [...]

Lightcurve of the week 209

2023-01-13T14:47:07+00:0013 January 2023|

This week we look back at the first object posted in this feature last year. The Gaia Alert object Gaia22aai. It is situated in the Pelican Nebula (IC5070) target region, [...]

Lightcurve of the week 207

2022-12-28T11:12:23+00:0028 December 2022|

This week we continue our round of thanks to participants to the HOYS project. We have a short description of the group at the Astrolab IRIS observatory in Belgium, who [...]

Lightcurve of the week 206

2022-12-22T10:16:50+00:0022 December 2022|

I have been thanking our contributors to the project many times in the past. In most cases this has been very general and 'anonymous' without mentioning any specific names. Indeed [...]

Lightcurve of the week 204

2022-12-12T15:41:24+00:008 December 2022|

This week we have a short outlook on some general statistical analysis we are working one. As mentioned before, we have used the latest Gaia data release to identify all [...]

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