Lightcurve of the week 176

2022-05-25T13:47:35+01:0025 May 2022|

We have now started the database recovery and we will update everyone about the progress tomorrow via our social media accounts. While this is progressing, we have another look back [...]

Lightcurve of the week 174

2022-05-12T17:15:49+01:0012 May 2022|

With our database unavailable due to investigations of a corrupt data entry, let's have a throwback Thursday. Hence, let's look back at the very first light curve of the week, [...]

Lightcurve of the week 170

2022-04-16T10:42:10+01:0016 April 2022|

This week we revisit one of the objects we looked at before. The young variable star V982Cep in the NGC7129 star forming region. This region is very well placed (far [...]

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