Lightcurve of the week 287

2024-07-10T13:05:50+01:0010 July 2024|

This week we look at the light curve of the T-Tauri Star 2MASS J21395813+5728335, which is situated in the Elephant Trunk Nebula target region of HOYS. It is near [...]

Lightcurve of the week 285

2024-06-28T10:28:55+01:0028 June 2024|

We have talked about rotation periods and spots on our objects before in several posts (e.g. weeks 195, 221, 268, 271). Today we have a look at a (preliminary!!!) [...]

Lightcurve of the week 284

2024-06-21T10:56:39+01:0021 June 2024|

This week we look at some of the progress on our analysis of variability. This involves what we call variability fingerprints (see week 214 post). These are plots made [...]

Lightcurve of the week 279

2024-05-17T12:51:23+01:0017 May 2024|

This week we have a look at the distribution of our observatories on the globe. The picture above shows the distribution in Europe and North America, where most of [...]

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