Lightcurve of the week 246

2023-09-27T11:51:38+01:0027 September 2023|

Gregg Ruppel posted his images of HOYS targets taken from his New Mexico site after enjoying seeing those from Edinburgh/Spain recently.

Lightcurve of the week 245

2023-09-19T12:24:49+01:0019 September 2023|

HOYS participant, Mark Phillips, tells the story of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh's remote observatory in Spain and how they are using it to gather HOYS data.

Lightcurve of the week 244

2023-09-15T12:31:02+01:0015 September 2023|

Winter is coming and hence our targets from the 'Winter' list are starting to be observable. While this is not yet very evident for the Northern hemisphere observers, the [...]

Lightcurve of the week 243

2023-09-08T11:49:44+01:008 September 2023|

This week's rather inconspicuous looking image has the image number 100,000 in our internal count. This means it is the one hundred thousand's image that has been uploaded to [...]

Lightcurve of the week 238

2023-08-03T17:12:25+01:003 August 2023|

This week we look at a galaxy for a change. You might remember that a few weeks back we published the winning entries of our HOYS-LCO picture competition. All the [...]

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