After logging in, click on ‘Upload’ and either drag files into the box or click select files to open a browser window. You can select multiple files (by either using Ctrl+click or Shift+click and ‘ok’ or using the ‘Select files’ button several times) before pressing ‘Upload’ on the form. They will all be uploaded in one go.

It’s useful if your file-names at the very least contain information of the target (either name or number – as on the target list), the filter that has been used and (if you have more than one) the Device the image has been taken with. During the other processing steps you will be asked to identify the Target region and Device used manually and if all your files are called “200.fits” you wont be able to tell which region the file is from. Furthermore, the software will attempt to read the filter information from the FITS header but if this fails you will have to provide the filter information manually – and if that info is in the filename this will be useful.