After the above steps, this one requires basically no input, only checking. After you click on “Astrometry” the software will use the software to identify the stars on the image and to determine the plate solution for the picture. This is speeded up by knowing the approximate plate scale from the Device setup. But the process still can take a while, in particular if the field of view is small or many users are working in parallel. Please do not close the browser during this process, just wait patiently.

When the process has finished it will display your image with stars over-plotted as red circles the software has identified in it’s database. You can click on the image to get a higher resolution version. If the red circles are on the stars, then it has worked and you can click the ‘It’s correct’ button. Note that not all stars will typically have a red circle around them. If the process times out or does not work for an image, but you can solve it on the website, please let us know.