Almost any optical filter but not clear. Tri-colour RGB filters used in colour cameras are also suitable. Below is a list for some of the standard filters the software will recognise. The filter names are in line with existing BAA standards:

  • U – Johnson U
  • SU – Sloan U
  • B – Johnson B
  • TB,tb – Blue Filter (tricolour)
  • V – Johnson V
  • TG,tg – Green Filter (tricolour)
  • SG – Sloan G
  • R – Cousins R
  • SR – Sloan R
  • TR,tr – Red Filter (tricolour)
  • Ha,A – H-alpha (narrow band filter on the red hydrogen line)
  • I – Cousins I
  • SI – Sloan I

During the image processing our software will try to interpret the name of your filter in the FITS header. If it fails to do this you will be presented with an error message. Please get in touch in this case and we ensure that the software will recognise your particular filter as well.