How can I make my HOYS data more accurate?

2020-09-30T21:39:28+01:0030 September 2020|

Some answers from a Facebook post: "If we consider only one system, then keeping everything constant is the most important choice for lightcurve accuracy. Any change will hurt, partly due [...]

What filters can I use?

2020-06-30T15:33:33+01:0028 June 2020|

Almost any optical filter but not clear. Tri-colour RGB filters used in colour cameras are also suitable. Below is a list for some of the standard filters the software will [...]

What camera can I use?

2020-06-28T12:53:15+01:0028 June 2020|

Cameras that you normally use for astro-imaging are useful. These include astronomical CCD and CMOS cameras as well as DSLRs. Mono (B&W) cameras allow you to use more specific filters. [...]

What telescope can I use?

2020-06-30T18:32:58+01:0028 June 2020|

Almost any telescope will work but as we are looking at stars down to magnitude 18, the bigger the better. Telescopes larger than say 150mm / 6" are good. However, [...]

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