6 – Doing Photometry

2020-06-30T15:24:37+01:0028 June 2020|

The 'Photometric Calibration' button does two things: It runs source detection and photometry software (SourceExtractor) over the image. This detects all stars, measures their fluxes and converts them to instrumental [...]

5 – Doing Astrometry

2020-06-28T17:20:24+01:0028 June 2020|

After the above steps, this one requires basically no input, only checking. After you click on "Astrometry" the software will use the astrometry.net software to identify the stars on the [...]

4 – Extracting Meta-data from Images

2020-06-28T17:32:26+01:0028 June 2020|

This is the first real processing step. After you upload the files click on 'Process Files' and you will see all your uploaded files with 4 processing buttons/steps next to [...]

3 – Uploading images

2020-06-28T14:57:45+01:0028 June 2020|

After logging in, click on 'Upload' and either drag files into the box or click select files to open a browser window. You can select multiple files (by either using [...]

2 – Setup a device

2020-06-28T14:08:24+01:0028 June 2020|

This is a telescope / camera combination. If you plan to submit images from several telescopes/cameras, please set up a device for each of them (you can do this at any [...]

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