Artefacts in images

2022-11-29T01:07:17+00:0028 November 2022|

These are examples of cosmic ray hits on the CCD/detector. Cosmic rays are typically charged particles or very energetic gamma rays. When they impact the detector the generate electrons (like [...]

Lines appearing images

2022-11-29T01:06:01+00:0028 November 2022|

Any straight (sometimes slightly wiggly) lines are typically satellites.  They can be much brighter and if you look through other data on LCO you will find many more. Since we [...]

Taking images

2022-11-28T16:00:39+00:0028 November 2022|

You should pick one of the HOYS target regions from the list on the website and use these coordinates for the pointing of the telescope. And you should take 3 [...]

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