The HOYS-LCO project is progressing well. In total we have had now 35 people applying to participate. Over the last 6months we have taken 60 sets of 3x2min B,V,R images of the Cocoon Nebula (IC5146). Participants have learned how to set up the observations with the LCO and to process them, after they are taken, into the HOYS database. They have also been taught how to extract light curves of stars from the database and to analyse those light curves. In particular they are able to search for periodic light curves. Finally, we have instructed participants how to stack LCO images and to make colour composites. Our picture competition has just closed and we will announce the winners soon.

Since two days ago, our usual target is not visible anymore from the LCO 0.4m network. Hence, we have switched to NGC2264, the Christmas Tree Cluster. The colour image shows the first set of data taken. We will stick with this target while the Cocoon Nebula is not visible. Which is at least for the next two months. So over time, the depth of the image will increase and we will of course contribute the HOYS light curves for all the stars in the field of view.