This week we look at the star BE Ori, in our L1641N target field. This is one of our most southern fields in Orion and has now set for the season. The star is part of the general population of young objects in this part of the sky and has a distance of about 400pc. The star is classified as variable and an emission line star. The images show a faint hint of a blue reflection nebula just to the South and South-East of the star. There are almost no hints of excess emission at infrared wavelength in the spectral energy distribution, suggesting that if an accretion disk is present, it is not very massive.

Nevertheless, the light curve of the object looks like what can only be described as the quintessential T-Tauri star. Over the last observing season the star has varied by up to two magnitudes and on various time scales. It seems to be dominated by dimming events of varying depth and durations. This is a bit at odds with the apparent lack of an accretion disk and hence worth investigating in more detail.