This week we are looking again at a southern hemisphere target. The object is known as 2MASS08294005-4146097. Not much is known about the source, but it is listed as a variable source in the ASAS-SN survey under the ID ASASSN-V J082940.14-414608.9. It is classified as a semi-regular variable, with a period of about 190days. These kind of objects are giant or supergiant stars that pulsate. The most famous example of this class of objects is Betelgeuse. Their light curves typically vary from period to period.

We show about 230 days of V, R, and I magnitudes from our data. The variations can clearly be seen. For ease of viewing we have shifted the magnitudes in V and I. It is evident that the variations are much larger at shorter wavelengths, exceeding one magnitude in V. The data is also much noisier in V due to the faintness of the star in this filter – caused by its red colour. Like many of the giant stars in our data, the object is a background source with a distance of about 6500pc, estimated from the Gaia parallax.