This week we have a look back at an object we investigated before in light curve of the week 81. It is the eclipsing young star 2MASS J20175844+3756006 (MGAB-V3395) with a period of about 227 days. We have now data for slightly more than two additional periods of the object.

We show the R-band photometry in the plot above.  Despite the fact that the object is in one of our less frequently observed fields (P Cyg), one can clearly identify several of the eclipses, which are about 0.6 magnitudes deep. However, it is much more difficult to identify the secondary eclipses, as they are only 0.3 magnitudes deep and hence merge with the noise of the data.

We show the phase folded light curve of the same data in the second plot. There, the two eclipses are much more apparent. One can also clearly see that the secondary eclipse is 0.6 in phase away from the primary eclipse. Thus, the orbit of the binary is elliptical.