This week we revisit one of the objects we looked at before. The young variable star V982Cep in the NGC7129 star forming region. This region is very well placed (far north) for continuous observations throughout the year without any gaps.

The object is classified as a variable of Orion type and indeed behaves like it. It varies by about half a magnitude on short time scales, and has other longer term variations as well as short deeper dips. When we looked at it the last time, it had gone through a longer term (1yr) 1mag dimming event. After recovering to the bright state, it dropped by half a magnitude and remained steady (within the half mag range).

Indeed in the last almost one and a half years since the last time we looked at it, it has not changed its behaviour. There is a very slight increase in the average brightness, but at a level well below the other variations. We will look back in a few years to see if anything notable has happened.