This week we have a look at the number of images we have for each target region. This is shown in the above plot. For each target, listed at the bottom, we have coloured bars that tell you how many images we have in each filter for this target. Note that the y-axis is in a logarithmic scale, so small differences are actually quite large.

You can see that for most of the winter and summer targets we do now have several hundred or even thousand(s) of images in multiple filters. Noting that our light curves are now about 7yr long, having 1000 images in a filter, means we have photometry on average every 2.5d for this field. Note that this does not even consider that some targets are not visible for several months due to being close to the Sun.

We see that some of the special fields do not yet have an as large amount of images. This is partly because they have been added later to our list, and were focussed on a particularly interesting source, which stopped what it was doing. However, these fields are still of interest, so please keep observing those as well. We are currently reviewing the target list and might make some small changes to it in the future.

And of course, our usual reminder: We are interested in the colours of the stars, hence if possible, please take images in multiple filters for each target, before moving to a different one. If you observe in Halpha, Blue or even Ultraviolet, please use longer exposure times, as the young stars we are interested in tend to be faint in the bluer filters and the Halpha is a narrow band filter and this needs longer exposures.