This week we look at a Gaia alert from a few years ago in the HOYS field L1641N. The object in question is Gaia19amy, or otherwise known as the variable star AY Ori. The source is located just to the South-East of the famous HH1/2 Herbig Haro object.

In the Gaia light curve one can see that after a few years of slight dimming, the object had a ~1.7mag burst in February 2019, when it got flagged up as an alert. After a ~1mag drop, the source had another ~1.5mag burst and since has rapidly declined in brightness by about ~2.5mag. Already in Gaia one can see that there are other, shorter term variations on top of the longer term changes.

In the above image we show the V and R-band data from HOYS for this source. Up to last winter, we did not have very good coverage of this field, but the first burst is clearly visible. We also see that we have captured the decline of the second brighter burst during the last observing season. Clearly one can identify the shorter term variations in the plot. There are further data for the current observing season not yet included in the plot, as they are in the ~2000image processing backlog we are currently working through.