I have been thanking our contributors to the project many times in the past. In most cases this has been very general and ‘anonymous’ without mentioning any specific names. Indeed there are too many people to name individually that are tirelessly delivering data for our project, or supporting us in other ways (website design, advertisement of the project, etc.). However, there are a few (groups of) participants that have contributed such a significant amount of data to the project, that we have decided to use the light curve of the week posts over the festive break to thank them individually for their sustained contributions. However, before doing so I would like to repeat our sincere thanks to all participants, not mentioned by name. Every single contribution is of value for our project, since usually they provide the only measurement for a particular object, filter and date. Thank you Everyone!

We firstly would like to thank the group at the Silesian University of Technology in Poland. The group has now provided about 6.5% of all the images ingested into our database. Please find below a short description of the group, written by the lead contact.

HOYS Participant: Silesian University of Technology

By Adam Popowicz

Astronomical observatories established as part of activities at the Silesian University of Technology included initially three units. These were the observatory in Pyskowice (night observations), in the village of Kotulin (daytime solar observations), and the remote observatory in Otivar (Spain, in collaboration with ScopeDome). However, now in the SUTO network, we collaborate with other observatories with various observing instruments. The mission of SUTO network is to combine the capabilities of small observatories for the purpose of big astronomical projects and undertakings. As engineers, we also specialize in image processing, data reduction, and opto/electro/mechanical solutions for astronomical purposes.

The current team consists of the following people:

Adam Popowicz (D.Sc., Ph.D.), Tomasz Błachowicz (Prof. full), Krzysztof Bernacki (Ph.D.), Jerzy Fiołka (Ph.D.), Sławomir Lasota (Ph.D.), Andrzej Malcher (Ph.D.), Valeri Orlov (Ph.D.), Michał Żejmo (Ph.D.), Piotr Jóźwik-Wabik (M.Sc.)