This week we conclude the look at the newly added data for the three stars from our paper “A survey for variable young stars with small telescopes: V – Analysis of TXOri, V505Ori, and V510Ori, the HST ULLYSES targets in the σ Ori cluster”. The light curve of the variable star V510Ori. Only B, V, and I magnitudes are shown. We do have R-band data too, but have left them out for clarity of the plot.

We can see that we have added ~140d worth of data for this field since the data base has re-opened. As discussed it the paper, the star varies stochastically. In the data we see that the I-Band magnitude changes by up to about one magnitude and the B-band by up to about 1.5mag. The variations in the source are most likely caused by a combination of accretion and line of sight extinction variability. The variations occur on a number of time scales and changes of half a magnitude can happen from one day to the next.