This week we look at the new data of the emission line star EmStHA50. It is part of the SigmaOri star forming region, but according to the parallax situated in the background, about 1.56kpc away.

The light curve is almost ‘flat’ within the errors of the photometry. None of the variations seem correlated in the different filters, thus indeed the source is most likely not variable during the time period shown. Despite the slightly larger errors of the measurements on date JD=2459966d, there seems to be a short (~1d) dimming event at that time. It is repeated in all filters and also seen in the R-band data (not shown). Thus, it is most likely real.

But apart from that, nothing exciting seems to be happening with the star. Once we have restored the full data base, we can check if the star behaves like this all the time, or if this is just a phase of calm …..