This week we have a look at the light curve of the young star GM Cep, which is situated in the IC1396A target field. We looked at it before, about two years ago. The object is a slightly more massive star with deep dimming events, usually referred to as UX-Ori type.

The image above hows the HOYS data available since we re-opened the database for input. The other data will be added back into the online database soon. We can see that there is a very good coverage of the target region in the last two months. Prior to this, there are larger gaps, which do coincide with the phase of difficult visibility of the target over the winter.

Nevertheless, one can see that lately the source has been having a calm, bright phase. Before that, despite the lack of data, we can identify a few diming events. The deepens one is just over one magnitude deep in the V-filter. That is less than the deepest dips seen in the previous post, but still a normal behaviour. The latest bright part of the light curve, is about 0.1mag (or 10%) brighter, than the usual bright state of the object previously. When all the data is back online, we can see how the last two years of behaviour compare to what happened before that.