This week we look at a galaxy for a change. You might remember that a few weeks back we published the winning entries of our HOYS-LCO picture competition. All the winners were given an hour of observing time on the LCO network to use as they like. This week we look at the resulting image from one of the winning students.

Harshwardhan Pathak from the Ignited Minds VIPNET Club in India used his observing time to image the Galaxy M101 (or Pinwheel Galaxy). Four images where taken in the B, V, and R filters with 300, 270, and 240s exposure time, respectively. The images were stacked and processed in PixInsight. The resulting image is shown above.

The images were taken on the 17th of June, 2023. At this time, the very bright supernova SN_2023ixf in M101 was still very bright and easily visible. It was imaged about one weak after its maximum brightness. It has nevertheless been highlighted with a white circle 🙂 . As one can see, the supernova is at that time still brighter than the core of the Galaxy itself.