This week we look at another old friend of this feature, the star GM Cep. It is situated in the Elephant Trunk Nebula target region. We wrote about the longer term light curve of the object in weeks 125 and 171. In these past long term data we can see that the source sows a more or less stable (slowly changing) baseline brightness. This is interspersed with dimming events of varying lengths from a few days to half a year, as well as the occasional small outburst of brightness.

In the figure above we show the data for the object added to the database since it re-opened in spring. We can see that during this last observing season, the object most remained at its baseline brightness. There are three short dimming events of about half a magnitude that we can identify. But all of them only lasted about one week. Thus, this past couple of months represented a quieter period for the object, but it should show longer and deeper dimming events in the future, based on its past behaviour.