Some of the pupils in our HOYS-LCO project have started to create some colour images from the images they have taken. We thought we’d share them and what they wrote about them with everyone. Happy Christmas everyone!

“These images have been processed by us, as students of the Archita’s high school in Taranto (Italy), in order to attend the “HOYS Citizen Science – LCO” project. We decided to focus on the exploration of the nebulosity of the Orion Nebula (M42) and the Cocoon Nebula (IC 5146). The images above have been acquired by the Haleakala Observatory on October 11th and are composed of three monochromatic pictures; each of them was taken using a different filter (V R and I), that’s why they originally were different in intensity of greyscale and had no colours. Once the images have been associated with the filter they were taken with (we were able to do it using he Siril software), we assigned each one to a colour channel of the rgb scale (red to the I, green to the R one, and blue to the  V one)  in order to create a single polychrome image. Afterwards we regulated the color calibration and  its depth to have a qualitative better image of the nebula in its entirety (referred to the images on the left). The picture on the bottom right shows the starless Orion Nebula that has been obtained using the “starnet” function of Siril, which is important to highlight the gases and the dust that composes the nebula.”