This week we revisit a variable star from a previous post. In November 2022 we showed the light curve of V1787Ori, which is situated in the L1641N target region. This is a slightly massive young star.

The above image shows the V, R, and I-band HOYS data from the last observing season. The beginning is not shown, as it is still not in the live database. Note that we shifted the I and R data slightly to make the subtle variations visible. We can see that there is a slight overall trend of increasing brightness of about 10-20 percent.

There are some further shorter term ‘jumps’, similar to what we have seen in the older data for the source (see previous post). The scatter on day to day time scales is usually caused by the photometric uncertainties, which are about 5 percent. Though there are some cases where the variations are correlated in the filters, indicating these are real changes. Maybe next week we look at the data from the current observing season…..