This week we look at the light curve of the object IRAS 07063-1016, which is a candidate young stellar object. In the above plot we show the V, R, and I-band data from the last two years. The behaviour looks quite interesting and indeed it looks like a young star.

The day to day variations of the source are very small and seem to be entirely dominated by the measurement uncertainties. However, on timescales of weeks to months, the source shows variations of up to half a magnitude. These are evident in particular as two dimming events, one visible in each of the two observing seasons that are shown.

We can also see a number of  outlier data points, which are clearly erroneous. We are currently finalising the testing of an new pipeline, which identifies and removes these points reliably before analysis. When this is done, we will use one of the future posts to describe this process in more detail.