This week we have a look at a recent Gaia alert source – Gaia20dcp, which was announced as a dipping star on July 5th. The source is located in the Pelican nebula and we do have I-band and R-band data. However, the source is quite faint (I=17.1mag), hence the noise is quite large. In the image with the Gaia data (taken from the Gaia alert website) one can see three dips, the last one, just starting two days ago. In the HOYS data we have no data yet showing the current dip. We have an image from the same date as Gaia but the source is still shown as bright. There is one image from last night in the HOYS database, but the conditions where non-ideal, thus the star is not detected. We will see if we can identify the dip in one of the images taken over the next few days. The HOYS data shows that we have detected the strong dip at about JD=2458400, but the source was too faint for us to map it out completely. We do not detect the first dip seen in Gaia at all, as this occurred at the time of worst visibility of the source, hence there is no data for that time.