The V-I colour of the strange object near IC1396A over the last 400d. The increase in colour is clearly visible.

a) V1491Cyg: The occultation is now going on for two weeks. See picture1. Hence, please keep on this field if you can in all the filters.

Last ~6weeks o the V1491Cyg light curve. The dimming is clearly detected in all filters.

b) The irregular erupting star at RA=324.6658835deg, DEC=57.14635deg near the Elephant Trunk Nebula has increased it’s brightness by 0.05mag over the last week. See picture2 and 3. Hence, it looks like the next outburst might have just started. Thus, as for the other target, please try to image this target as well if possible.

Luckily both fields have just become visible more easily.

Main image: The last 400d of the light curve for the strange object near IC1396A. The I-Band shows an increasing, hinting that the next ‘burst’ has started. Previously these bursts where about one year apart, hence this would fit. Then next one or two weeks will show if this is right.