Our project as a Global Sky Partner of Las Cumbres Observatory.
Join and gather data using these telescopes for the HOYS project.

From 1 July 2020 HOYS is a Las Cumbres Observatory (LCO) Global Sky Partner and we have been allocated 60 hours of telescope time on the network of 0.4m telescopes around the world. We aim to share that with amateur astronomers.

Get involved in research into star and planet formation

Contribute to the Hunting Outbursting Young Stars project using time we have been allocated on the Las Cumbres Observatory global network of telescopes. Amateurs without access to suitable equipment can use the LCO telescopes to gather data and get involved in analysis of young star and planet forming regions.

If eligible, you will receive training on all aspects of the project including setting up your observations on the LCO telescopes, interacting with the images and analysing light curves.

HOYS is a citizen science project which works with amateur astronomers to provide observational data for our research into star and planet formation. We have been selected as a Global Sky Partner of the Las Cumbres Observatory for the next year.

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